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Short tale from Estavayer

Once upon a time in Estavayer...The day was waking up and the sun was rising.
A tiny, all green, adventurous frog was leaving the border of the big "Gouille" while his parents were still asleep. What a bold little frog !
He wanted to say hello to all the beautiful flowers, the red ones, the white ones, the yellow ones and the pink ones, which were on the other side of the road The tiny frog has to cross this grey desert and his poor legs will have to suffer. He looks on his left and on his right side, and goes without stopping anymore. Hop, a little jump...hop, hop, hop...and there he is.

The rosary of Estavayer woke up and all the roses open up when they saw the tiny green frog marching through them. Hello red, hello white, hello yellow, hello pink, said the little frog. How beautiful you are, how good you smell ! He walked through the whole rosary. Breathless and tired, he stopped to get some rest. The sun was shining now and starting to heat the delicate skin of the tiny frog. It will be time for you to leave now, said the last rose to him. People will start to come and cars will not let you cross the road again.

The little green frog took a deep breath and got on his feet to go back home. All the roses encouraged him to cross the road, look to your left, look to your right, hurry-up, courage, see you soon, thank you for your visit. Finally he came back home...hop a little jump...hop a big jump, and...hop another big jump and PLOUF he falls into the pleasant water of the big "Gouille of Estavayer"


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