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Bénichon Festival of the countryside

Dates and timetable

In September, we celebrate the Bénichon in the Broye!

Ham at the post, lamb leg, meringues and dances, here is the program of the 2nd weekend of September in La Broye.

Originally, the Bénichon was a religious feast to thank for all that nature had given and for the harvests of the year. Over time, the religious ceremony disappeared in favour of the popular and gastronomic festival. The menu of Bénichon is the star of the party as well as, particularity of the Broye, the opening of the ball by the youth society.

CUGY - 11.09-12.09.2021
Hangar Annie
Organized by the Cugy Youth Society
Contact :

CHEYRES-CHABLES – 11.09.2021
Jeunesse de Cheyres-Châbles
Contact : 076 376 18 16

VESIN - 11.09-13.09.2021
Chemin Coteire 50.
Organized by the Vesin Youth Society

DOMPIERRE- RUSSAY - 10.09-12.09 + Recrotzon 25-26.09.2021
Vers l'église 8
Organized by the Youth Society Dompierre
Contact: awaeber

FETIGNY – 10-11-12.09.2021
Jeunesse de Fétigny
Contact :

MURIST - 10-12-13 .09.2021 + Recrotzon the 26.09.2020
Hangar Métal concept
Organized by the Murist Youth Society
Contact: Martin Haldemann, 079 910 79 74

MONTHEY – 11-12-14.09.2021 + Tournée Bénichon 04.09.2021
Jeunesse Montet-Frasses
Contact :

FOREL - 11-12.09.2021
Jeunesse de Forel

Dates and timetable

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