From Moudon to the Jorat : : 36 km : 3.4 :

Through the picturesque landscapes of the Broye
Moudon – Villars-le-Comte – Cremin – Lucens – Moudon

The path starts in Moudon, former capital with a rich historical heritage. It leads to Villars-le-Comte, where you need to make a detour to have a look at the viewpoint and the orientation table as it offers a 360° panorama on the Plateau, the Alps and the Jura. The path then goes to Cremin, a small agricultural village, known for its swin-golf; it then leads to the charming village of Lucens and its impressive castle. The road crosses the Broye, goes at the foot of the Curtilles Church then goes up to overhang the valley before descending to Moudon.

The Saint-Etienne Church in Moudon, the second gothic building in the canton. : : 36 km : 3.4 :