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8 tips for cyclists 

1. Equipment in good condition
Brakes, lights and tyres must be check
ed before setting off. Visibility is crucial for cyclists, so adequate lighting on the bike is essential.

2. Food and drink
Exercise and wind stimulate the appetite, so it's important to take a snack and liquid refreshment on the ride.

3. Clear signals
Every change of direction must be indicated by a clear hand signal.

4. Planning
It's important to consult cycling maps, which are designed with cycling routes in mind.

5. Emergency kits
Tyre pump, multi-tool, tyre repair kit and mini first-aid kit. These help deal with minor incidents.

6. Planning ahead for a day out
·         Cycling pants
·         Helmet
·          Gloves (not only in winter)
·          Softshell jacket
·          Rainwear
·         Suncreen, sunglasses
·         Change of clothes including something warm (even in summer)
·         Rainproof panniers
·         Lighting – no nightlife without lights
·         First-aid kit
·         Repair kit (tyre pump, wrenches for tubes and forks, screwdriver, wire, tyre repair kit, inner tube)
·         Water bottle
·         Snacks
·         Money, ID and travelcards
·         Maps and cycling guides
7. Observe the traffic regulations
Doing so helps keep cyclists and others safe.

8. Happy cycling!
"The only chain to offer freedom is the bicycle chain." Velorution
"Leave the highways, take the byways" Pythagoras