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Useful numbers

From the police to the hospital, from enquiries to taxis, these emergency and useful numbers will save you a lot of bother.

Fire brigade118
REGA, Rescue helicopter1414
Intercantonal hospital Broye, Payerne026 662 80 11
Intercantonal hospital Broye, Estavayer-le-Lac026 664 71 11
Road assistance140
Road condition163
Pharmacy on dutyHôpital intercantonal de la Broye
Allô Taxi079 286 70 76
Taxi de la Broye in Payerne079 822 23 31
Manu Taxi079 382 74 35
Taxi-Gare Payerne-Estavayer079 412 77 77
Estavayer-le-Lac/Payerne et Région026 301 60 30
Information desk1811
Weather forecast162
Swiss Federal Railways SBB0900 300 300

Public Telephones
Most phone boxes work with a smart card that can be purchased at post offices, news stands, filling stations, etc. The most common credit cards are also often accepted. Public fax machines are available at the main post offices.