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About us

Myriam Dégallier
   Myriam Dégallier, Director, 100%
Chantal Volery
   Chantal Volery, Direction assistant, 100%
Sophie Giuliano
   Sophie Giuliano, Communication & Digital marketing, 70%
Nathalie Binggeli
   Nathalie Binggeli, Publications & Offices organisation, 60%
Marianne Aeschbacher
   Marianne Aeschbacher, Guided tours, games & Hiking, 50%
Héléna Galera
   Héléna Galera, Events, 50%
Margot Bernet
   Margot Bernet, Information & Reception, 20%
Aurélie Bersier
   Aurélie Bersier, HES Trainee - Events & Animations, 100%    
Corinne Bracher, HES trainee - Communication & Promotion, 100%